Monday, 21 July 2008

First Try

OK, this is my first time at something like this. I read my friend Shawn's blog intermittently and though I enjoyed reading a blog I was never sure I had anything to say. However Shawn recently showed me a link to Living Between Wednesdays. If you haven' read this blog and enjoy reading comic books I highly recommend it. The fact the blogger is an East Coaster is a nice added bonus. It's good to see this stuff going on while I'm whittling my time away in Korea "teaching" and working on my art. So I figure I'll start give this whole blog thing a shot. I figure I'll talk about the weeks comics or ones I've read recently or things going on the industry that ecxite me or piss me off. Also I'll throw some of my drawings or things I'm working on for people to have a look at. I'll probably throw some personal stuff in for good measure, too.

See you soon.

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Jay Brushett said...

Nice to see you getting on the blog wagon -- think I may give it another go myself at some point. Also been trying to get back into drawing lately. Once I feel confident enough I'll probably post some stuff too. Just like old times... we're just not sitting on opposite sides of your parent's kitchen table :-).