Thursday, 2 April 2009

Back in The Great White North and Hard Drive Disaster

My wife and I have moved back to Canada now and are relaxing at her parents house in BC. Everythings nice and the weather is starting to turn beautiful. The air is so much cleaner and my immune system is finally getting back to normal. If only my back would magically auto-repair here... Bought a car last week and we plan to do a massive cross country road trip from BC straight to Newfoundland. Should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to see family and friends along the way. On a much more horrible note my hard drive from my computer in Korea that had everythign I've drawn, written, designed, coloured, and all the photos I've taken over my entire 6 year life in Korea, died somewhere on the way to Canada. I removed it from my computer and used every precaution I could think of for the trip across the world but I guess something just happened. I don't think it's even hit me yet. Everyday I think of something else I lost on the hard drive and just sigh. It's akin to a house fire in my childhood home y'know? I've got most of my sketches but there's a lot of work from just the basic sketches. There's not enough curse words in the English and Korea languages for this. When I moved back to Canada to start my new life I didn't figure it was at the expense of the old. *sigh*


Jay Brushett said...

Welcome back man!

Let me know if/when you're around St. John's. I'm sure I'll also be in Marystown at some point.

While not quite as drastic as your case I had an external drive die last week... just as I plugged in a new one to replace it! Shit, as they say, happens. I started using Dropbox ( to sync stuff online as I work on it. Godsend is not high enough praise.

Side-note: If you haven't tried it Manga Studio is pretty sweat.

Jay Brushett said...

No it's not sweaty... it's sweet. Sigh... one of those days.

Jennifer B. said...

Oh Gino, really sorry about your hard drive. Same thing happened to me a few years ago, lost a few pics, but not as big as a disaster as yours. This seems to happen to everybody - what is the deal? Good reminder to back some stuff up though I suppose. Time to stuff it all in the Cloud I guess (until that implodes).