Saturday, 20 June 2009

What's Cooke-ing?

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting illustrator extraordinaire Darwyn Cooke at the Calgary Comic Expo. Meeting is perhaps too strong a word as I said about three words in cowardice as I walked around all day asking for autographs and feeling overwhelmed with awe. But I digress. Darwyn Cooke has a brand new book coming out based on the Richard Stark "Parker" novels. The Mel Gibson movie "Payback" is a loose translation of the first novel to screen. Very loose from what I've heard. From all accounts it looks to be an amazing book and you can win copies of it at his quasi blog here if you do a picture of Parker. Here's my submission. I tried to get a 70s feel to the character and design of the piece. Enjoy!

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Jennifer B. said...

Hey Gino I picked that book up the other day! We saw Cooke give a talk at the FanExpo last weekend and it was awesome. He mostly talked about The Hunter. And also female characters in comics, which I was surprised to find interesting :)