Tuesday, 13 October 2009

The Return - A Web Comic

Over the summer, Cold Blooded Chillers--an award-winning publication from Robert Heske--ran an open submission contest for its latest anthology: 2012. The challenge was for creative teams to come up with a short comic based on the 2012 'end of the world' mythology.

I was contacted by my writer friend Michael Moreci about providing the art for a script he had written for the occasion. The story departed a little from what the anthology was asking for but we both enjoyed the story and decided to submit it anyway. The end result is what you'll see here, a short called 'The Return.'

Michael and I earned an Honorable Mention for the strip, but not publication. Both of us liked the story, and rather than allow our completed work to languish in a drawer--or hard drive, rather--we decided to use the power of the internet and get the story out there.

So here's the deal: Michael and I are both posting this first page (of eight) on our sites. Every Friday, I will post even numbered pages; every Monday, Michael will post the odd pages. As mentioned above, the story is eight pages long. So in four weeks, we'll have posted the complete comic--and for free no less!

Cheers and I hope you enjoy!

(Some of the above was taken verbatim or adjusted slightly from Michael's site. He is the writer after all!)


Jennifer B. said...

Cool Gino -- looking forward to reading the whole story!

Jennifer B. said...

Gino are you on the Twitter yet? You should get on there and do some promo, if not!